The Beginnings: The 2017 Manifesto

It's 2017 and I've never before felt such a pull towards achieving the ultimate in life. What is my ultimate? For me the ultimate is finding a way to combine my passions into a way of life that is intentional, sustainable, and enriching. 

So what are my passions?

  • FAMILY: My number one priority in life is my family (immediate first and foremost). There are my everything because in them in find my best self, my greatest loves, and deepest desires. Any quality time spent with them is time well spent and is never regretted. All factors point to the fact that this is where I should be for the majority of my day, if possible.
  • LIFE TRAVEL: Exploration is part of my DNA, Marisa's DNA, and thus has become part of our family's DNA. In travel (NOT tourism), we're constantly in the process of making new connections: connections in the brain, connections in the world community, and connections within our relationships that bind us closer together. In immersing ourself in the foreign, we're constantly uncovering all that is common and completely natural about our life experience.
  • FAITH: Do we understand how to live to our fullest capacity? No. Does God know how to help us reach greater heights than we could ever imagine possible? Absolutely. It's in reaching out to him through meditation and prayer that we enable ourselves to become open to the infinite. My faith has carried me through some of life's greatest challenges. I cannot deny it and wholeheartedly endorse it as a path to higher personal development and an enriching element to every relationship I hold dear. We each have faith in something and that faith can bind us together stronger than we can ever imagine possible.
  • LIFE CAPTURE: I believe strongly we are stewards of each moment of our lives. Our ability to capture and share our life scriptures is essential - first and foremost for those in our closest circles and then for humanity at large. We are each living extraordinary lives in silence (some of us less silent than others). Who am I not to be brilliant? Who am I not to share and believe our life experience can hold value for those around us in similar circumstances?

So where does this "manifesto" of sorts take me and our family? I'm unsure but I know it can take us to places never before imagined. I just have to decide whether to board each morning and allow my mind and spirit to be carried to new heights.

Dave SmurthwaiteComment