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Marisa is passionate about helping people learn new languages
and improve their fluency in exciting and challenging ways


Content-based Learning Excursions

During content-based learning excursions, your focus as a student is on learning new information in your target language.  You will learn about something you enjoy (as opposed to studying vocabulary, grammar, etc.). This could be anything from hiking through the French countryside to studying art history in Florence to cooking in Lyon or shopping in London.  The intent is that you learn a language the way you did as a child, drawing from context and meaningful circumstances. 

Marisa is open to organizing a variety of content-based excursions. Current events in planning (March & April) include:

  • Hiking through the Beaujolais - French & English Sessions
  • Cooking American pastries (Cheesecake / Chocolate chip cookies / Carrot cake) - English Sessions
  • Shopping in Lyon or Paris (Food, Clothing)French & English Sessions

Contact Marisa directly for event details and pricing.

Personal Tutoring (in-person & online)

Looking to learn a new language in 2018 or just improve your degree of fluency?  Marisa offers custom-built lesson plans whether you're next door or overseas. She teaches and tutors students of all ages in English, French, and Italian. Let her know what you're hoping to accomplish and she can build a program designed to meet your goals.


Corporate Education

Marisa offers workplace-specific language training to companies wanting to increase the English proficiency of their workforce. Given the variety of possible topics and company objectives, Marisa meets first with key stakeholders before developing lesson plans. Teaching will most often happen in the workplace and lesson plans typically occur in 60-90 minute segments. 


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