Online Marketing

From the showroom floor to the online cart, consumers are researching and buying products based on what they learn online. One of Dave's key areas of responsibility over the past 5 years has been online marketing. He has helped brands create an online presence from zero and then optimize their online experience to improve key metrics.

One of Dave's primary projects has been as VP of Marketing for Leef.
In 2011, Dave help build Leef's original website (pictured far left), a simple product marketing site with zero ecommerce functionality. The primary objective was to educate customers about the brand and the products Leef was developing.


By 2013, Leef's website (pictured far right) was available in 13 different regions,
all with localized content and ecommerce functionality. Today's site (pictured centered) was launched on the Shopify platform in 2017, enabling Leef to quickly implement new apps and tools to assist in online customer conversion. 

One of the main complexities of online marketing is the campaign asset and platform management required to touch potential and existing customers along each point of their online journey.

The most recent campaigns Dave managed was for Leef's BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday). With the help of Scott Mackay (Ecom Director), Olena Dehtiarova (Creative Director), Daria Sukhanova and Ivan Zaikin (Senior Designers), the team set out to execute an aggressive campaign when taking into account the resources available:


Major campaign assets included:


Email Newsletter Campaigns (via Mailchimp)


AdWords Campaigns (General Awareness and Remarketing)


Campaign Landing Pages and Leefco Website Updates

The campaign also heavily used social media to drive awareness. Assets included Instagram and Facebook advertising and organic Insta stories and posts throughout the week leading up to BFCM and through the weekend. There was also engagement with social media micro influencers as a way to drive revenue-generating social response. 

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