15 years ago, newlyweds Marisa & David left THE USA on what would become a life-changing 10-month extended honeymoon.


Their destination was set on the better-lit section of France, known as the Côte d'Azur.
Their reasons for departure: Marisa wanted to deepen her fluency in her language of love (and Dave didn't want to disappoint the only wife he'd ever had). The result was a transformative experience where they learned more about the world and themselves than they could have ever anticipated.

Having discovered their better selves in France, Dave and Marisa hoped for a day
when they could give their four amazing boys the gift of a similar awakening.


For the past two years, they have lived out their daily lives in the French countryside.
Their experience has been trying at times, triumphant at others, and even captured on HGTV once.

They're now looking to expand their horizons and want you along for the journey. 


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