Product Management

Sometimes, it's someone outside your immediate circle--someone passionate and eager to learn new things-- that can make the biggest impact on product development. Dave has spent the past six years developing global go-to-market strategies for computer and mobile accessories. 

In October of 2010, Dave joined five other founders in the East Bay of San Francisco, determined to introduce a disruptive brand into the world of flash memory. The company, named Leef, began by custom designing USB flash drives, with characteristics that consumers would appreciate like smaller form factors and unique finishes:

One of Leef's original product videos. How do you promote a super small USB drive?

Over the course of six years, Dave co-managed go-to-market strategies of 16 product launches and 5 mobile app launches in both the Apple and Android ecosystems. In 2011, the original geographic footprint of Leef was one country and the annual revenue was around $3M.

Video for Leef's flagship product, iBridge 3 - never run out of memory on your iPhone & iPad

By 2016, Leef's company revenue had grown to $30M, its global footprint to over 29,000 stores in 45 countries, and app downloads of over half a million (1.1 million today).

Along the way, Dave worked alongside Jonny Anderson (VP Product) to ensure design intent was maintained while expanding the company. They also created a work-flow analysis of market trends vis-à-vis the company's capabilities to find future product opportunities. 


Screenshots from sample Product Overview Doc - Leef's Ultra Thin Phone Cases

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