Come Explore New Worlds

Exploration is something we naturally gravitate toward as humans, whether that be physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual. Here you can learn about some of the projects we're interested in launching (or suggest your own).

Be pre-warned, these are all in various forms of infancy stage, looking for their moment to shine or fail. You could make all the difference.


Guided Family Learning Adventures

Today, more and more families are looking to add cultural exchange to their children's educational experience. Whether they have kids in immersion programs or simply yearn for a unique education-based travel itinerary with local experts, we are interested in helping families learn what we have experienced over the past few years. 


Protect Your Planet & Your Phone

One of the most commonly searched products on Amazon this Black Friday / Cyber Monday was "phone case." Dave is interested in a project that would make phone cases (and possibly other consumer electronic accessories) from 100% recyclable paper pulp. The result would be the first real earth-friendly consumer electronic brand. 


Location-based AP Trips

We believe combining travel and education, the tangible and the intellectual, can facilitate deeper retention and appreciation for standard subject material. We are interested in creating location-based Advanced Placement (AP) itineraries for high-school students, that would act as a perfect supplement to what they are studying in school. 


DuoLingo for Places App

If you've ever tried to learn a new language then you're likely familiar with DuoLingo, a unique language-learning app. Dave is interested in creating a similar offering, but where individuals can gain "fluency" in a culture or location. Learn the most interesting facts about your next destination and earn points by engaging while on-location.


Content-based Cultural Exchanges

One of Marisa's areas of focus during her Master's Program was content-based language acquisition (translation: learning a language while in the act of processing new information in that language). Learn French and yoga, Italian and painting, Swedish and cooking all while connecting with a culture and fostering a new relationship.


Kimchi Popcorn Anyone?

Okay, this idea might stink... literally. Outside of travel and creating cool stuff, Dave has a passion for random flavored popcorns. With all the innovation that has come to cinemas over the past few years, movie popcorn has remained largely untouched for decades. Dave's interested in seeing if there are any other popcorn lovers out there interested in jamming.


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